12 Inch 3 Fullers Blocker Handle Full Tang Blade

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This 12 Inch 3 Fullers Blocker Handle Full Tang Blade is one of the best product of Ex Gurkha Khukuri House. This khukuri has three Chirras (fullers) on its blade so this Khukuri is name as tin (three) chirra (3 fullers).
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The scabbard is covered in water buffalo leather and the handle is made of Rosewood. The blade is made of highly graded carbon steel blade which is strong and semi-polished. The Blade measures 12 inches while handle is 5 inches. The handle is made from very strong Rosewood .The Handle is flat full tang, Unlike other handle (Not Rat tail), the handle and Blade is a one single piece and visible all around the handle (See pictures). Two Rosewood pieces joint (Attached) strongly to the metal part of handle with t metal rivets and adjust lanyard hole on handle. This blade can be used to chop wood or bone cleaning bushes. The blade is made of Highly Graded Carbon with balanced water purring temper on the edge of the blade therefore its very strong. The wooden display stand can be purchased with additional Charges. Two small knife chakmak (blunt one) and Karda (sharp one) are free with this knife. Blunt one can be used to make kukri blade sharp and sharp one is for small types of work.

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Material Used Highly Graded Carbon Steel, 5160, water Buffalo Leather for Scabbard(outside) and Rosewood for the Handle, Pinewood for the Scabbard (inside), Whitemetal "Laha" ( Nepali Traditional Glue).
Belly 5.3cm
Blade Size and Type 12 Inches (30.48cm) Hand made, Highly Grade Carbon Steel, Simi-Polished Blade.
Handle Circumference 4.6 Inch.
Handle Size and Type 5 Inches (12.7cm) full tang blocker handle made of Rose Wood.
Hardness of steel spine= 22-25 RC, belly= 45-46 RC, edge= 58-60 RC.
Lower Spine 3mm
Upper Spine 9mm
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