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The Gripper (Panjawal) Kukris

EGKH is Nepal's fenest/largest genuine Gurkha khukuri (kukri) maker and original khukris(kukris) knives Seller. Offers various category of Nepalese Gurkha kukri khukri(knife) for online sale. It is a modern day improvised khukuri, many of the late arrivals of EGKH created to better perform and better serve its master. The regular traditional handle is altered into a knuckle-shaped handle that allows each finger to stay at the curvature firmly and hence the user can hold the blade comfortably and strongly and thus can perform a job more swiftly and safely. This unique and effective feature of the handle of this kukri actually makes it THE knife to work with.
“Panja” in Nepalese means “Palm” and since the knife is targeted to provide sturdy yet comfortable grip to the palm, the khukuri is named so. We have listed some of our The Gripper (Panjawal) Kukri on this category.