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Wholesale Khukuri

Whole - Sale Business Opportunities Of Genuine Gurkha Kukri/Khukuri/Knives/Knife :


We invite you to join our wholesale program for dealers! Khukuri Knife is manufacturer and wholesaler of Khukuri knives. We welcome wholesale enquiries for purchase of khukuris on our web site. Please note that we offer khukuri-to-khukuri discount. low price and and bargain priced knives on this site are sure to fill your needs. All of our knives come with our no risk satisfaction guarantee and complete manufacture warranties. please contact us we will soon get in touch with you.

Whole - Sale Kukri Offers :

Do you want to be our Business partner? (Whole-Sale Business Opportunities Of Genuine Gurkha Kukri/Khukuri/Kukris/Khkuri/Knives/Knife):

We need many partners as friends, all over the world who can join with us to promote, collect and supply these kukris to their local market/ area. Our main intent is to make accessible our kukris(knives) easily worldwide who searching for genuine Gurkha knife/Khukuri.

No matter, how you are going to promote our kukris, may be by your web site, local paper, show room etc. the main thing is you can make enough money in this business. We are seeking business partner to promote our kukris worldwide. Therefore, if some one willing to be our distributor or someone necessitates to resale our khukuris, we are ready to expand our business to them.

We have not mentioned our Wholesale Price in this page because we are essentially a B2B site, therefore it will not be appropriate for us to disclose our Wholesale prices. But we have disclosed Retail prices in our website where you can purchase our products online (C2C). The Wholesale prices are far-below than in the catalog prices. However once we receive an inquiry from you or your company we will reply to you within 24 Hours by email or telephone or fax regarding the pricing, designs, mode of payment/Shipping and other related information.

Terms and Conditions to establish New Business with us:

Standard samples (regular selling items) are ready for New Customer which could be instantly delivered on enquiry. Our standard sample Bears Company’s broacher, details of business polices description of particular item which you requested with some other items photos. In case of customized designs, we need 2-4 weeks for the samples to be ready. Our Order Management Team (OMT) decides about your custom knife to be made or not.

±5% variation will be acceptable in the shape, size, weight etc. because of handmade.

Lead Time:
Lead period can vary according to the volume of the orders placed. The safety stocks we maintain facilitate the contraction of the lead period (up to 1 week) for orders which are comparatively small. Orders of big volume demand a lead period of 20-30 days.

The rates we quote, unless specified, are usually FOB (Freight on Board) Kathmandu. They do not include any shipping, handling and insurance charges. Shipping charges differ according to the gross weight of the shipment, the final destination of the shipped goods, and the airline or courier service used. We may not be able to use the same airlines for every shipment. We inform our customers the cost of shipping once the gross weight of the shipment, the final destination of the shipped goods, and the method of transportation is confirmed. Shipping charges also include handling charges at both ports of origin (Kathmandu) and destination (buyer's airport) and, sometimes, insurance charges. Customs clearance charges, if any needs to be paid in the buyer's country, are not included in the shipping charge. Please contact us to inquire about our rates.

What does FOB Kathmandu rate mean?
FOB is an INCOTERMS (International Commercial Terms), which is a universally recognized set of definitions of international trade terms. FOB Kathmandu rate includes the selling price of the good and the delivery of the good on board the vessel at Kathmandu, Nepal. The rate does not include any shipping, handling, insurance charges and customs clearance charges at the buyer's country.
[For more information on terms and methodology used in export/import, please visit

Payment Terms:
As per our export regulations, we cannot ship any order without receiving the payment for it. We have to submit an advance payment certificate (APC) at the customs when shipping. The bank, which issues the APC, only does so after receiving the payment in our favor. Payments can be made by bank transfers or by opening an irrevocable Letter of Credit (LC) in our favor. All bank charges outside Nepal have to be borne by the buyer.

Bank Name:
Standard Chartered Bank (Nepal) Ltd
Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: +977-1-4418456
A/C Title: Ex Gurkha Khukuri House
A/C No: 01-2187558-01

Claims Policy:
We take every measure to ensure that our customers' receive their orders undamaged. Unfortunately, problems do arise sometimes. We advise our customers to immediately check the goods once they arrive at their premises and put forward claims for any damaged goods. We accept claims for damaged Khukuri products only up to twenty (20) days after the date of shipment. We either refund the amount already paid or replace the damaged pieces. We do not honor any claims for damaged goods after twenty (20) days from the date of delivery the shipment.

Those who believe in hard work and commitment they can contact us and can get started. Please do not feel hesitate to write us at if you need further assistance about our business policy.