Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find the answer you're looking for, email your questions to [email protected]

1. When should I receive my order?
All orders are processed and shipped within 24-48 business hours after being submitted, all orders should arrive at their destination within 5-7 business days. If we have an email on file, you will receive order and ship confirmations.

2. What is the time frame on returns? What is the return policy?
We have a 20-day satisfaction guarantee on all of our items. If you are not completely satisfied with any item from Ex-Gurkha Khukuri House(EGKH), Inc. or if the item is damaged or defective you may return it for a replacement or refund. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your return to be processed, once we process the return your credit should be posted on your next statement.

3. What are the requirements for wholesale?
Do you want to be our Business partner? (Whole-Sale Business Opportunities): We need many partners as friends, all over the world who can join with us to promote, collect and supply these khukuris to their local market/ area. Our main intent is to make accessible our kukris(knives) easily worldwide who searching for genuine Gurkha knives.
No matter, how you are going to promote our khukuris, may be by your web site, local paper, show room etc. the main thing is you can make enough money in this business. We are seeking business partner to promote our kukris worldwide. Therefore, if some one willing to be our distributor or someone necessitates to resale our khukuris, we are ready to expand our business to them.
We have not mentioned our Wholesale Price in this page because we are essentially a B2B site, therefore it will not be appropriate for us to disclose our Wholesale prices. But we have disclosed Retail prices in our website where you can purchase our products online (C2C). The Wholesale prices are far-below than in the catalog prices. However once we receive an inquiry from you or your company we will reply to you within 24 Hours by email or telephone or fax regarding the pricing, designs, mode of payment(visit our terms & condition),/Shipping and other related information.

You can mail it to: PO Box 8974 CPC 521,
Thamel marge,Thamel -29.
Fax it to: +977 - 14413759
Email it to: [email protected]
Once we receive a mail we will setup a wholesale price for you.

Please include a contact name and phone number so we can contact you imdeatly. Wholesale Customers require a minimum order.

4. How can I get set up for online ordering?
If you are a retail customer, you simply click on the “ADD TO CART” link found in the web page each product on khukuri catalog . These applets will take you through the proper steps in getting
you set up as a customer in our database. If you are a wholesale customer, please call +977-1-4002039 or + 977-9841317812 to speak with a representative for online ordering access.

5. Do you take checks by phone?
We do not accept checks by phone; we accept credit cards, debit cards and gift cards over the paypal. For wholesale order we have a bank detail in our Terms & Condition for paymaent..
6.When will I get my ordered item(s)?
order items are usually shipped out 24-48 business hours after we receive the items in stock. At the time of order our representative will give you the date we expect the item to arrive. You can also contact our Customer Service Department for an estimated delivery date for the backordered item(s).

7. How do I find out if my order has been shipped?
we have an email address on file, you will receive order confirmations and shipping confirmations, including tracking information if shipped via a trackable method.

8. Does EGKH have a quality control department?
EGKH takes Quality Control very seriously. Quality Control involves many of our departments. Our Customer Service Staff and Returns Department relate problem product information directly to the Purchasing Department. The Purchasing Staff reviews each problem item. Then with the help of our Fulfillment Center and our Receiving Department, Purchasing ensures that our remaining stock and future inventory meet our quality standards.

9. How long does it take to process a mail order from start to finish?
We process all mail orders the day they are received. All credit card orders are immediately released for processing. Check orders may be held for clearance. All orders are processed and shipped within 24-48 business hours after being submitted. All orders should arrive at their destination within 5-7 business days. we have an email on file, you will receive order and ship confirmations.

10. Are the kukri/khukuri is sharpened?
All our kukri come with highly graded carbon steel is it car & jeep leaf spring, 1075-1095.so all kukri blades are sharp.

11. Where are items made?
Our items are made in Eastern part of Nepal (dharan).

12. How To make order and Pay Online?
Go to "Khukuri Product.
Click on khukuri catalog as per your desire.
Select the quantity and click "Add to Cart" button
You can click "Check out" if you finish shopping or you can add, substract or remove the order
Fill up you Billing as well as shipping Information and Click " Continue.
When the transaction is successfully done, you will get order confirmation details from our OMT(our Management team) within 24 hrs.

13. How long does it take to receive my order via regular shipping?
Orders should be received withing 5-7 business days.

14. What are EGKH hours?
Our Customer Service hours are 8am-10pm Sunday to friday. You are able to place orders 24 hours a day either through the website, fax, automated system or voicemail.

15. Do I have to be a member to order?
You do not have to be a member to order from our company. Anyone can order but becoming a member does get you: Guaranteed 10% Discount; Take 10% off every EGKH order...even sale items! Free Items: We will send you free gifts just for being a valued member of the EGKH Buyers . Sneak Peak:

16. How can EGKH sell items so inexpensively?
We are largest khukuri/kukri maker of Nepal, our inventory in large quantities and get discounted prices so we pass the price break through to our customers.

17. Do you have my credit card number on file?
Our system allows us to only see the last four numbers and expiration date of your card.

18. What types of delivery services does EGKH have?
Once you complete the order details, there after, the shipment cost is automatically added that will be notified immediately in ORDER CONFIRMATION email for your further order reference. We will inform you within 24 hour regarding your shipment and will provide you the tracking number. For North and South American costumer, we deliver the order through UPS (United Parcel Service) and European, Asian, African or Australian customer through DHL, UPS or SKY Net, worldwide Express service. Once we receive your order we generally ship your order next day and the deliverer company will deliver your order within a week.

19. Why do you need my phone number and/or email address?
Having a phone number or email address on your account helps us contact you quicker if we have a question or problem with your order. If we have your email address you will receive an email confirmation to confirm your order and a shipping confirmation when your order ships with the tracking number if it is shipped via a trackable method. You will also receive periodic email promotions that our company sends out.

20. Will I get soliciting phone calls or emails from you guys?
No soliciting phone calls will be made; the phone numbers are only to contact you if we have issues with your orders.

21. Pricing Policy ?
Every product and price featured on this website has undergone strict editing procedures. However, errors may occur. EGKH reserves the right to void any incorrect pricing or product information.

22. What does FOB Kathmandu rate mean?
FOB is an INCOTERMS (International Commercial Terms), which is a universally recognized set of definitions of international trade terms. FOB Kathmandu rate includes the selling price of the good and the delivery of the good on board the vessel at Kathmandu, Nepal. The rate does not include any shipping, handling, insurance charges and customs clearance charges at the buyer's country.