Nepali Khukuri

Are you looking for premium-quality Nepali Khukuri? Hailing from Nepal - the land of Kukri, and the mighty Himalayas - Ex Gurkha Khukuri House offers Gurkha knives that show an extreme level of craftsmanship, quality, and precision. Being the best Nepali Khukuri Manufacturer in Nepal, we ensure that our knives can be trusted for a LIFETIME.

Each of our traditional and modern khukuri for sale is creatively designed, carefully crafted and rigorously tested for the best end-product to be delivered to you, catering to the needs of every khukuri lover.

We are proud to be the supplier of genuine and traditional Kukris to the British Army'’s crack Gurkha regiments that they use in both drill and battle, world-wide.

Buy Khukuri online in Nepal, from the finest and largest manufacturer of authentic, historical, legendary khukuri.

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