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Nepal is the country of thousands of tribes, among them, a clan is called Bishwakarma/ironsmeeth/blackameethor Kami who makes khukuri/kukri. The Khukur/kukrii making is one of the oldest professions of Kamis. Their source of incoming is only crafting these blades(khukuri/kukri). More than 10,000Ironsmeeth have been involving in making Khukuris/kukris in Nepal. Among them we have selected expertise to make each blade. A different tribe called Saarki makes the sheath of a blade. Therefore combination of these both tribes’ craftsmanship, a single khukuri is complete. Our skill craftsmen (Master in blade making) forge finest Khukuri in Nepal, probably the best quality knife in the world.


Sort Out Order


Quality Checking


Polishing Khukuri Sheath



Oil on Khukuri Blades


Khukuri Blades on Sheath


Khukuri Wrapping with Lokta Paper



Khukuri Wrapping with product category


Wrapping with Cartoon Paper


Khukuri Wrapping with Tracking No



Khukuri Wrapping with TNT Box


Final Handover to TNT for Export