Khukuri Quality

A simple statement and the truth, a real company dedicated to creating excellence. EGKH vows to bring worldwide recognition and respect to the historic khukuri knives. Ex Gurkha Khukuri House was established with an objective to promote the existence of Kukri, improve its quality and give Khukuri worldwide recognition as a National knife of the Country and the formidable weapon carried by the brave Gurkhas. Everyone from craftsmen to production unit personnel’s work hard and sometimes round the clock tirelessly to produce quality khukuris that would not only serve a buyer effectively but would also earn respect and admiration from the user.

To keep up the originality and also give a touch of modernization, some which is EGKH's innovation, this marvelous piece of craftsmanship that would live up to the legacy and fame of the khukuri that it carries and appeals to the world. We at EGKH put in our every effort to produce the very best quality and give excellent services to achieve what we have envisioned. EGKH uses the finest and strongest raw materials that are locally available and are also imported from India when necessary. Raw materials are checked, re-checked and selected before they are finally put to use. Craftsmen then do what they do the best; expertise within that has been passed down to them from generations; they turn a raw material into a real masterpiece.

The finished products are also checked and tested several times over before they are finally approved for selling and exporting. The Quality Controller, Production Supervisor and the Managing Director himself test the quality before it proceeds for shipping. We make sure that our Khukuri are made in a very traditional way by using only basic tools so that we can keep the tradition alive and that the khukuri remains as pure and distinctive work of art that is completely hand crafted. Top quality and maintaining traditional methods despite of all the emerging modern technology have always been our prime focus.


Making the Red heated steel Making the Piece of steel Giving the shape of Khukuri by Hammering

Hammering the red heated blade

to give khukuri shape

Giving the Shape of the khukuri by hammering Making the NOTCH-Kaudi
Sharpening the Khukuri Making Kothi Making the Dora

Fixing the handle and khukuri by

using Laha(Nepalese traditional Gum)

Using wood for making Sheath Making the Panawal khukuri handle
Join the khukuri in to handle by inserting Sewing the leather to cover wood inside Sharpening the blade as traditional
Khukuri Blade finishing by Grandering Khukuri Policing by Buffing Khukuri Quality Checking