Offline Payment

We generally accept your payment in the following four methods :

(1) Credit/Debit Cards
We accept all major credit cards in your online purchase. The payments (your credit card’s details) are secured and proceed by Veri-Sign Inc. If you do not want to use your credit/debit cards, follow one of others alternative payment options.

(2) Via Western Union Money Transfer/ Money Grame
VIA Western Union Money Transfer is one the fastest, very reliable way to send and receive payments. It has numerous branches worldwide. It has number of branches here in Nepal too. Therefore if you need expedited deliver, we recommend you to wire your payment through Western Union Money Transfer. You may do it through your nearest local branch/agent of WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER. They will charge you some transfer fee, which you should afford yourself. After transferring your payment you should send us the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), which they will provide you. Once we receive your MTCN we ship your order same or Next day.

The payment recipient address
Mr. Himal Raj Giri
Ex Gurkha Khukuri House  
Thamal-29, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: +977 1 4002039 
Mobile(cell phone): +977 9841317812

(3) Remitting the fund to our Bank Account

If you willing to do wholesale business or bulk order with us for resale purpose in you local area, you should Transfer the found through Bank Fax/telegram Transfer Service (or Bank Drafts) If you willing to receive the order by Air Cargo you also must remit the payment through this service because we must make some documents (such as APC, Advance payment Certificate) from bank to clear your consignment from custom. You may deposit the payment from any of your local or city banks. You should pay bank internal commission what they charge. The below is our bank account and address:

Account title: Ex Gurkha Khukuri House
Account No: 01-2187558-01
Kathmandu, Nepal
Swift code: SCBLNPKA

Note: To transfer payment through bank, your purchase must be more than 100.00 USD.

(4) Credit/Debits, Cheques, Drafts payment please contact our United States warehouse
Personal Cheques, Drafts, e-Cheques, and other means of payment is applicable only for US and Canadian Customers please contact us +12145185560(USA warehouse to Keshab).

The receiving address
Ex Gurkha Khukuri House
Thamel Marg, Thamel-29, Postal code: 8974 EPC 521
Phone: +977-1-4002039
Kathmandu, Nepal