Our Appeal

Genuine and request to all our valued customers

 Dear All,

Its has come to our notice that many fake khukuri exports & seller are claiming themselves to be genuine manufacturer and selling unaware buyers cheap and tourist kukri to them. So, keeping admiring of Nepalese culture, tradition and bravery especially of kukri in mind, we would like to bring some true facts to daylights so that they can get/buy genuine products from genuine company. Some kukri company are copying us(E.G.K.H)& try to be genuine gurkha kukri manufacture & exporter but actually which is not true. The fact is we are the finest kukri maker in Nepal since a decade.

Before buying the gurkha knife, we would like you to go through the following. The kukri was made popular by the time The Gurkhas started joining British, Indian and Nepal Army. A Nepalese Army/soldier (Gurkhas) is incomplete in absence of the khukri.

The pride an honor of the kukri can be best seen at the event where even the British Queen stands up and Salutes the V.C winner. The Gurkhas when they take parade in chill runs through their bones and become thunder stuck when the enemy army se the brave Gurkhas run towards them with the kukris dancing in their hands.

To maintain the quality the quality of the product and to maintain the unfathomable belief of the buyers of the kukris, we use the best of the best materials in manufacturing these so that the owner can be proud of his/her belonging and we guarantee the quality and satisfaction.

We again, would like to request to our valued customers not to be carried away by the claims of fake manufactures, which are selling/dealing in cheaper kukris. We heartly request our valued customer to be aware such manufactures as well as kukri seller and not to do any deal with them.