EGKH is Nepal's Finest and largest  Genuine Gurkha khukuri (kukri) maker and original khukris(kukris) knives Seller. Offers various category of Nepalese khukri(knife) for online sale. Our knives have no frills because we wanted to present these khukuris (Kukris) to the world in its original, With following reason customer from Worldwide want EGKH khukuri(kukri):

1. Huge Production Capacity
2. Stringent Quality Checks
3. Extensive Range of Quality Products
4. Customized & Prompt Delivery
5. Packaging & Delivery
6. Reasonable price with cheapest shipping price.
          As our customer's are spread all over the globe, we understand the importance of packaging and transportation. Hence, assuring on our customers' requirements, we offer customized packaging solutions, which ensures the products are delivered safely in given time frame.


Our Quality Assurance:
We are committed to deliver quality products with improved touches in each & every aspect of our products. We are totally focused on providing quality knives(kukri) to our valuable customer's spread worldwide. Our khukuris are original, strong and graceful. They are totally made by the professional metal smith by hand from hammering the hot high grade carbon steel to fixing the handle into it (except the shining of the blade is done by buffing machine). Our company has never compromised on quality and has successfully achieved a high level of customer appreciation resulting in long-lasting relations with them.


Exquisite Craftsmanship:
Our knives(knife) is done by the professional metal smith by hand from hammering. These craftsmen have excellent crafting skills