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I very much appreciate and thank you for the pin of the Gurkha Rifles that came with my kukri! As a former US Army soldier I am honored and will treasure it as an heirloom. A mere Thank You can not suffice for the sacrifices of the Nepalise people and all those who served in the Brigade of Gurkhas. I am extremely glad you are on our side!.

Dana Owings

United States

I must apologie about the time in replying I truly am sorry but bad weather and no time too tired long days and no sleep flooding bad now snow good I have time and the money I would like to go ahead with the transaction if you could be so kind thank you anticipation I admire your work and have been with the Gurkha through many years of service in good and bad times and Great times and it would be an honor to use this knife at my work.


United Kingdom

Good evening, I received my Khukuri blade and I am astounded at the construction and craftsmanship that goes into it. My family is Cuban and we love our Machetes. But the people of Nepal have a very beautiful and effective blade with the Khukuri. It is far superior in every way. I hope to buy more in the future from you. Thank you so much for the friendly service and the BEAUTIFUL product. Thank you!.


United Kingdom

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