13 Inch Dhankute White Horn Khukuri

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This is 13 Inch Dhankute White Horn Khukuri .Dhankuta is a small village located in the eastern part of Nepal and this type of khukuri is mostly made in this village.
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The name “DhanKute” of the khukuri is given after its village name where it originated centuries ago. Dhankute people specialized in many ornamental,Souvenir and decorative displayers amongst which the DhanKute khukuri is one of their prized and prestigious establishments. Similarly the DhanKute White is the enhanced version of the DhaKutes where a very rare and expensive material “White Buffalo horn” is fitted to give extra appeal and value to the khukuri and also to show additional skill of the maker.The White Buffalo Horn used for the khukuri is very rare and its difficulty in availability make this kukri so special. At times the horn is so white that the blade is visible through its case thus the name. Similarly, the DhanKute White’s horn handle is another important aspect of the knife.It also has a decorative fancy scabbard with Nepalese national symbols overlaid on its front panel. The skilled craftsmen craft special scabbard out of buffalo horn and then displays various national monograms made from expensive metallic sheets like Brass or White metal or even Silver sometimes such as king’s crown (Shree-pech), national bird (Danfe), national flower (Laligurans), national fish (Aasla), Gurkha insignia (khukuri cross), sign of a temple (Pashupati chaana), the holy sword (Trishul) etc.The khukuri hag a engraved dragon on the blade.We can engraved khukuri as you order or choice.All Khukuris have two pockets on the back of the scabbard which hold a blunt steel called "chakmak" for sharpening the blade or for striking spark from flint and a little knife known as "karda" used for skinning small animals . The notch (kaura or kaudi) in the blade near the hilt of most khukuris serves as conduit for the blood on the blade to drip out, thus preventing it from soiling the hilt, as well as a device for catching and neutralizing and enemy blade. 

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Material Used High Grade Carbon Steel (car & jeep leaf spring,5160)for blade.Water buffalo hornfor Scabbard ,Water buffalo horn for the handle, Brass,White metal and “Laha” (Nepali Traditional Glue).
Blade Size and Type 13 inch(32.5cm) and polished blade,Handmade.
Handle Size and Type 5.5 inch (13.75cm) and Fixed blade handle.
Hardness of steel spine=22-25 RC, belly=45-46 RC, edge=54-55 RC
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